Launching Services

Launching a product is one of the most stressful things you can do as a content creator/blogger. I want to help reduce the stress and help you. Making sure the the right emails go out at the right time is important. You also want to make sure that your new customers are getting the right emails. 

I offer 1:1 help during a launch. This service is customizable to what you will need.  

Here are just a few examples of what you can expect from me when launching a product:  

  • Create forms, tags, and sequences for the launch 
  • Set up a customer on boarding sequence (not written) 
  • Create sales sequences (downsell too if applicable)
  • Set up sales sequence
  • Help design the sales page plus redirect pages (for open and close door launches)
  • Integrate with commerce 
  • Edit sales copy to help give you the highest conversion rates

And much more. This service is very customizable since every launch has different needs.

Product Launch

This is for first-time product launching. If you have a new product that you haven't sold.

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Product Re-Launch

This is for launching a product that you've already sold to your email list and are ready to open the doors again.

Trip Wire Set Up

Get eyes on your product as soon as a person subscribes to your email list with this service.

Frequently Asked Questions...

How long will this take? 

It all depends on the launch. Typically we will be working together for about 4 weeks and I'll be on call during your launch to make sure everything is working correctly.  

Will you be writing my sales page and sales sequences?  

Yes and no, I will design your sales page but the wording needs to come from you. It's the same thing with your sales sequences. I will outline your sales sequence and with your help we will write the sales emails.

How will you be helping?  

I will be taking care of all of the backend work inside ConvertKit and your commerce company making sure that they are connected so when a customer buys your product they get the welcome emails they need.  

Do you guarantee sales?  

No, I do not guarantee sales, I do not know your audience, or the testing you did before the launch so I cannot guarantee that they will buy your product. 

Is these services open to anyone?

No, I only offer launching and tripwire services to my email managment clients since I have a good understanding of list engagement.

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